Welcome ! Airport Authority of India's SC & ST Employees Welfare Association

About Us

Aims and objectives of the Association are as under:-

  • To promote cooperation and brotherhood amongst SC/ST Employees of Airports Authority of India.
  • To provide forum for discussion exchange of ideas for the sake of useful knowledge among the members.
  • To promote the mutual understanding friendly relation, co-oporation and unity among SC’s and ST’s.
  • To create awareness among the members to fight out the ills of the society
  • To work for the financial upliftment of the SC/ST’s.
  • To take up the matter with all concerned authorities for the solution of the difficulties of the SC/ST’s.
  • To stop exploitation of the downtrodden.
  • To promote education among SC’s and ST’s.
  • To extend or arrange financial assistance to SC’s and ST’s

Our Constitution